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Seven (7) days a week



Mon - Fri  | 7am - 6pm

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Our Clients Say...

More and more patients are coming to The Carolton’s outpatient rehabilitation program directly from their stay in the hospital, and we work with hundreds of patients each month.


We recognize each patient brings individual needs and abilities and we customize each treatment program to specifically address your physical, speech and/or occupational rehabilitation needs. Our goal is to bring you to the highest possible functioning level so you regain your quality of life.


Working with you, not on you! 

As physical and occupational therapists, we don’t work on you, we work with you. Together, we will develop a customized program based on your needs and abilities. We focus on providing therapy sessions that are challenging and at a pace comfortable to our patients.

Our carefully selected physical, occupational and speech therapy staff consists of over 34 professionals, many with specialties in orthopedics, neurology and geriatrics. Most of our therapists are full-time, long-standing Carolton staff members with a high level of experience and expertise, and we recognize providing successful therapy is as much about working through emotional challenges to regain confidence as it is about relearning and rediscovering physical abilities.


More time with each patient 

Our treatment philosophy is unique: We see fewer patients per day and spend more one-on-one time with each one. We can work with our clients in a way that best meets their needs and we have the experience, expertise and resources to work with and monitor even the most medially complicated patients.

If a patient needs more time with exercises or to rest, then we can do that. If you are working on balance issues and we need to be right by your side, then we are there. We spend more time on evaluations than you will find in other therapy programs to get to know our patients right from the first visit.



Modern gyms and expert staff

The Carolton offers one of the most modern and best-equipped outpatient rehabilitation facilities in the area.


Our 4,000 square-foot, modern and fully equipped rehabilitation center includes one main gym and two satellites equipped with treadmills, elliptical machines, free weights, balls, bands, bicycles and more.


It also includes a three-room “apartment” setting within our therapy area including a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, for patients to practice activities of daily living therapies.


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