Our full-time social service professionals play a key role in helping you or your loved one adjust to our facility. An important component of successful recovery and rehabilitation is the patient’s comfort and emotional security, enjoyment, individuality, privacy, autonomy, dignity and overall sense of well-being. To achieve this, Social Services completes a comprehensive psychosocial assessment of the patient’s needs and provides a patient/family orientation session for the facility, its services and patient’s rights.

Social Services at The Carolton

Social Services is responsible for the patient’s overall social and psychological well-being and will assist in resolving any care-related patient and family concerns such as care routines, room arrangement, roommates or activities. They also inform and educate the caregiver staff about individual patient’s preferences and requirements.

When a patient is discharged or transferred to another level of care, our social service professionals coordinate all necessary arrangements for the patient and their family, including referrals to community services, arranging for any adaptive in-home equipment needed and ensuring the appropriateness and continuity of the patient’s care.


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