Insurance Form

Medicare covers most admissions to skilled nursing facilities after a qualifying three-day, acute-care hospital stay. As long as the patient still needs skilled care, Medicare will continue to pay for a portion of the care if the patient is still eligible for up to 100 days (the Medicare maximum). The patient, his or her Medicare HMO, or Medicare supplemental insurance policy is expected to cover a small daily co-payment (as established annually by Medicare). 

Should there be any change in insurance coverage while you or your loved one is a patient at The Carolton, please inform our billing office promptly. If we are not notified it could result in losing available health insurance benefits and you or your loved one could then be financially responsible for procedures or tests which otherwise would have been covered.

It is also important that the Admissions and/or Billing office be informed if:

  • the patient is entitled to any Black Lung medical benefits
  • the illness is a work-related injury (please provide the name of the patient’s Workers Compensation carrier and employer)
  • the illness or injury resulted from an automobile accident (the liability or no-fault insurer information is required) or other accident services are being paid by a government program such as a research grant
  • the patient received an organ transplant
  • the patient is receiving hemodialysis treatments


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