Hospital stays are shorter, but you’re not ready to return home. Continue your care at The Carolton.

Most new Carolton patients come directly from the hospital into our care following a surgery or illness. These short-term care patients do not need the more intensive care of an acute-care hospital, but still need the attention of round-the-clock nurses and/or rehabilitation before they can safely return home. They find that expertise in the clean, comfortable setting of The Carolton.

Treating our patients like family? It comes naturally to us!
The Carolton is family-owned and operated, and has been for over 60 years and we incorporate sense of family into our care. We are focused on combining the best, most professional and personable nursing and rehabilitation staffs with an environment that is bright, comfortable and filled with amenities.

We will work closely with your own doctor who will continue to direct your overall plan of care and our expert nursing staff will help manage any physical discomfort you might have. Our dietitians and physical, occupational and speech therapists provide additional, individualized support to speed recovery and rehabilitation. Social workers and case managers assist patients and their families with insurance issues and coordination of care, and make arrangements for the patient’s discharge to home.


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