Proper, balanced nutrition is critical for recuperation, rehabilitation and a healthy, happy life. But all the healthy foods are useless if people won't eat them. That's why our professional Dietary Department focuses not only on proper nutrition, but on freshness, flavor, and presentation as well and our staff makes every effort to ensure meals are plentiful, nourishing and appetizing. We work with the diet prescribed by the patient's attending physician and based on a comprehensive nutritional evaluation encompassing both traditional and alternative methodologies.

Either our experienced Registered Dietician or Dietary Technician will personally provide needed instruction should a patient's diet be modified or restricted. Patients choose their meals on a weekly basis from our selective menu; if there are special beverage or food preferences, please let us know! Our elegant dining room is always a wonderful option for patients; we also provide in-room meals, served at about 8 a.m., noon and 5 p.m. In accordance with each patient's prescribed diet, additional snacks are also offered in mid-afternoon and evening, or a special request may be made.

Dining at The Carolton


Dining Services at the Carolton

The Main Dining Room

All patients are cordially invited to enjoy their lunch and/or supper in our elegant Main Dining Room on West Wing. Our nursing staff transports patients both to and from the dining room at mealtimes. Family members are welcome to accompany or visit with patients in the Main Dining Room, as room may permit.


Assisted dining

An alternate dining area is also provided in the East Wing Recreation Room for patients who wish to eat in a socialized setting, but are unable to do so independently. This communal dining area is always supervised and assistance is given by our own trained staff.



Pre-arrangements can be made for any family members who wish to dine with their loved one in the patient's room, the Main Dining Room, or in the assisted communal dining area. Please speak with a member of the nursing staff.


Special gatherings

Large family gatherings for birthdays, anniversaries or other social events can bring much pleasure to a recuperating or long-term patient. With prior arrangements, we can provide an appropriate group room and food service.


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